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Don't Waste the Beats - 9.22.2020

DWTB 9_22_20
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Connecting with Kari

September 22, 2020

Hey Synergy Dance Family,

This is the first of a WEEKLY email from me that you get to keep us all aligned, inspired and Synergized as we move into each week. Keep on the lookout in your inbox and please be sure you pass these emails along to your kids, or anyone else you wish to share with. I had the pleasure to lead and be on the "Synergy Circle" talk via zoom with some of our team dancers yesterday. It's always an enlightening experience to hear the words, thoughts, and feelings of some of our young artists. I'd like to share with you some of the insights that came up during this community conversation and the thoughts it triggered for me today. The topic we landed on, as driven by the kids, was the intention of believing in each other. WOW. Please stop and think about that for a minute... rather stop and FEEL that for a moment. Really feel that. Take in that energy. What a simple, yet powerful feeling believing in each other creates.

How often are we practicing that in our lives, in our classrooms, in our communities right now? What does believing in each other look like? What does it feel like? What actions create this feeling into reality? What obstacles stand in the way of this? How can we move forward as a community if we don't believe in each other? How can we dance freely, and express ourselves safely, and grow to our personal best if we don't believe in those around us? The truth is, we can't. Bummer. No thank you.

Belief is a powerful tool. For whatever we believe, we create evidence to support. Belief is a powerful practice. For what we practice seeing in others becomes and reflects what we see deeper within ourselves. Belief is a driver of action, as emotions create motion. That's what dance is all about. You want to learn to be a better dancer? Become a better believer of others and see what happens in yourself and your progress. It's one in the same as art mimics life and dance is about community. The "I" grows by supporting the "we".

In a dance class belief in each other looks like high fives (air fives for social distancing of course) and strong gestures of connection and support. It sounds like words of encouragement, cheering, and clapping for others and alternately like silence as we respectfully listen. It tastes like sweetness, offering something soothing such as a gentle word of support when someone needs a boost. It smells like courage to approach others with curiosity and communication versus criticism and judgement. It feels like community and that is what we need to thrive individually. This is Synergy and this is where personal progress soars.

Where and what CAN we practice to increase this flow of belief in each other this week? Propelling ourselves individually as a result of that very real momentum forward, through conscious action together! Yum.. that's what Synergy is all about my friends. That's where I'm creating from this week and that feels exhilarating. That's where we as teachers and staff will lead from this week.

I'm excited that we can all bring a bit more of this to our studio together! I know that if we focus on this, we will get MORE motivation and MOMENTUM forward. I trust that if we can't find this feeling within, that it leads us to uncover any obstacle that may need to be discussed for more progress. I hope this helps us all feel the smiles beneath the masks a bit more sincerely, and I hope this helps you dance freely this week.

THANK YOU for being part of this community. THANK YOU for being an advocate for your dancers personal progress through the arts. THANK YOU for being leaders in this community. THANK YOU for being communicative, resilient, open and part of this incredible tribe we call Synergy. THANK YOU for believing in each other and in us. You are appreciated, valued, and cherished.

May we all be wellness. Don't Waste the Beats. P.S. I believe in you.

Kari Herman Owner/ Artistic Director


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