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Ages 3-19

 All levels

Synergy Dance Academy’s performance teams are a perfect place to make new friends, expand your confidence and have so much fun while being part of a loving team! Our performance teams are perfect for anyone who is interested in having more stage experience and grow in dance, without making a large financial or time investment. This program provides students of all ages the opportunity to perform at community events, learn new choreography, and of course enjoy the costumes and the team VIP experiences through the year!

Our Performance team dancers will gain:

*new friends and loving teammates

*improved technic and performance skills  

*expanded experiences on stage and in the community

*an increased sense of self worth, discipline and identity 


No experience necessary, as this is a place to grow and explore for all dancers. Please contact us to learn more about becoming a member of our performance teams today! 


Ages 3 - 6

Our mini stars team is made up of young dancers ages 3-6 who love to move to music, have fun, and grow together in dance. This fabulous team is a great place for your child to enjoy costumes, stage time and performance experiences beyond the annual recital and winter show. 


Ages 7- 11

The Synergy Dance Academy Jr Stars team is a healthy and playful community for your dancer to expand their training and experiences through teamwork. These kids, ranging in age from 7-11 years old, perform more frequently throughout the year resulting in more fun, more friends, and even more growth! 


Ages 12 - 18

We know teens/srs need a safe and supportive environment to expand, explore and express themselves positively and our teen/sr ensemble team is the place for that! Dancers ages 12-18 are welcomed into the ensemble team and experience more stage time, community events, and make lifelong friendships throughout their journey on this team.  Gain confidence, discipline and identity, while having fun with this progressive performance team today! 

Registration is OPEN!

To Register Please Click Button Below to Download a Registration Form or to View the Fall Schedule

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