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"I was eleven years old when I stepped into my first dance class at Synergy.  That day, I made a decision that has heavily influenced my life.  Kari trained me to be a strong, hard working dancer, and like all of us who come from Synergy those skills of diligence, organization, and determination have carried with me to this day."

~Kai Dickson (Synergy Performance Alumni)

Ages 3-19

 All levels

Synergy Dance Academy "Competition" teams are ranked nationally in the top ten by the FDC, and have won countless awards across the country, ALL while creating community, developing the whole person, and captivating audiences for over a decade!  Our primary focus of our multi-leveled teams is to create a fun, family-like atmosphere in a caring, conscious, community of excellence.  The company dancers really shine brightly as they uncover their

passion and artistry within while:

​*creating life-long friendships
*developing a broadened sense of discipline and dedication
*building confidence and resilience

*experience multiple stage performances 
*participate in community service events 


Our multi-level company provides an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE for all those involved, and is offered for dancers ages 3-19.  Whether it's your first step in the competitive direction, or the next step on your professional training track, ​we exceed all your competition dance needs in our positive, fun, and family-like Synergy culture and "Company" environment.


NEXTSTEP- (Ages 3-18) all levels

Our NextStep program is for the beginning, intermediate, or advanced dancer that is interested in taking the first steps into the spotlight of the competition stage.  Participating in our "Company" benefit show, annual recital, and a few Colorado Springs competitions, our NexStep dancers are required to keep a minimal energetic and financial commitment throughout the season.  NexStep team members benefit from the family-like environment in countless ways, and experience guided love and support from their teachers/mentors/directors as they grow in all areas!


CORECOMPANY- (Ages 6-19) all levels

Our CoreCompany program provides beginning, intermediate, or advanced dancers the opportunity to increase focus and fun, while expanding through more training and stage-time.   A mid-level energetic and financial commitment is required for team participation, as CoreCompany dancers are committed to our annual "Company" benefit show, recital, three Colorado Springs/Denver competitions, and one convention.  This family-like, progressive competition team rewards dancers with a variety of memory making experiences, and builds a strong, structured platform of professionalism in a positive setting.  


PROTRAK- intermediate and advanced levels 

Synergy Dance Academy's ProTrak team is for dancers that are intermediate to advanced who are ready to take their training, commitment, and development to the next level!  This high-level energetic and financial commitment team participate in our annual "Company" benefit show, recital, and multiple Colorado Springs/Denver competitions and conventions.  After creating life-long memories and friends through their ProTrak experiences, many of these dancers go on to pursue continued college dance/arts education and/or professional dance/arts careers, yet ALL of the ProTrak dancers graduate this program with an elite sense of identity, discipline, focus and determination in any path they pursue! 

Registration is OPEN!

To Register Please Click Button Below to Download a Registration Form or to View the Fall Schedule

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